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Kitagawa MRM250 NC Rotary Table

Product code: MRM250

250mm diameter faceplate with max speed of 33.3 rpm and clamp torque of 600 Nm.

  • Includes MAC mini iH controller
  • Spindle Through Hole Dia (mm): 70
  • Centre Height (mm): 180
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 20
  • Repeatability (sec): 4

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MRM250 Rotary Table (includes MAC mini iH controller) with compact design and high accuracy. The innovative triple disc brake system gives substantially increased clamping force. 

  • Includes MAC mini iH controller (M-Code activated)
  • Table diameter (mm): Ø250
  • Register diameter on faceplate (mm): Ø100H7
  • Spindle Through Hole Diameter (mm): Ø70
  • Centre Height (mm): 180
  • Clamping method: Pneumatic
  • Clamping Torque (N.m in pneumatic 0.5MPa): 600
  • Motor axis reduced inertia (kg.m2): 0.00031
  • Gear ratio: 1/90
  • Max Spindle Speed (MAC mini version): 33.3 rpm
  • Allowable Work Inertia (kg.m2): 1.95
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 20
  • Repeatability (sec): 4
  • Weight (kg): 85

For details on the MAC mini iH controller options click here.

Available in right or left hand configurations to suit a variety of machine models.

Kitagawa's Rotary Tables are available with optional tailstock, tail spindle and rotary joint;

  • Manual Tailstock (option): MR250RN
  • Tail Spindle (option): TSR180A  
  • Rotary Joint (option): RJ70H25Q02

4th Axis Version:

Click here for sample applications. 

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