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Kitagawa LR400 Horizontal NC Rotary Table

Product code: LR400

400mm diameter faceplate with max speed of 44.4 rpm and clamp torque of 3500 Nm.

  • Table Height (mm): 260
  • Built-in Rotary Joint.
  • Large Diameter Worm Wheel

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LR400 Special Purpose Rotary Table with built in rotary joint (10 port), low table height and hydraulic clamping. 

  • Table diameter (mm): Ø400
  • Table Height (mm): 260
  • Clamping method: Hydraulic
  • Clamping Torque (N.m in hydraulic 3.5MPa): 3500
  • Motor axis reduced inertia (kg.m2): 0.0061
  • Servomotor (for FANUC specification): iF 22/3000
  • Gear ratio: 1/45
  • Max Spindle Speed (FANUC specification): 44.4 rpm
  • Allowable Work Inertia (kg.m2): 11.9
  • Indexing Accuracy (sec): 20
  • Repeatability (sec): 4
  • Weight (kg): 330

Available with all motor types to suit a variety of machine models.

Built-in rotary joint port type: Hydraulic / Pneumatic 10-Port + Coolant / Pneumatic 1-Port.

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