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Two Quick Change Jaw options


You need a Quick jaw change chuck but which type?

Cheap, accurate, fast, for small batch work or large batch work, Kitagawa Europe has the full range of options for you.
Kitagawa has had two different types of Quick Jaw change power chuck on the market for some time now. The economical QB300 Series and the new QJR Series and they both have their appeal to our customers. Which one is better for you?

QJR Series

If you wish to maintain the consistent accuracy you currently have with your B200 or BB200 Series Chuck then the QJR Series chuck is ideally suited for your situation. Even though the jaw-change method is slower than the QB Series it is still more than twice as fast than the conventional chuck and with that additional amount of time needed to change the jaws you are paid back with accuracy.                          


The QJR Series comes with large through hole that matches our BB200 Series and the adaptor plates are interchangeable therefore helping to keep the costs down. Each of our QJR Series chuck are sold with two sets of Master Base jaws as standard so that the operator can be changing the top jaws on one set of master base jaws whilst the second set are being used in the machine. An additional advantage of the QJR Series is due to the different internal mechanism the QJR series the gripping force can be up to 15%-20% more than conventional B200 or BB200 Series chucks.

QB300 Series

This is the most economical way you can get a Quick Jaw change power chuck option. If you already have a B200 series chuck then all you have to do is replace the B200 master base jaws with the QB300 master base jaws and you have a quick jaw change chuck that is 30-50% cheaper than any other Quick Jaw change chuck on the market. To see how this is done in less than three minutes click here.

Ideal for rough small batch work, you can change the jaws in half the time of any other Quick Jaw change power chuck (including our QJR Series), no need for machine reprogramming as the chuck dimensions are the same and the jaws can be pre-machined to enable the operator to start again as soon a possible.

To see the time difference of the jaw change, please click here.

If you then want to use your standard jaws on this chuck again for accurate large batch work then simply change the QB master base jaws back to the B200 master base jaws.