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Size is everything when it comes to bearings on your rotary table

Kitagawa's large cross-roller bearings ensure their rotary tables deliver the ultimate performance.Kitagawa cross-roller bearings used in all the their rotary tables is a specialist bearing with compact structure where the rollers are arranged so that they cross between the inner ring and the outer ring. This ensures compactness, high rigidity and revolution accuracy without sacrificing capabilities. Since the rolling surface is in line contact, elastic displacement based on bearing load is extremely minimal, in addition, it is able to receive complicated and high loads consisting of radial load, axial load, and moment at the same time.       

The rotational torque of cross-roller bearings are lower than that of plain bearings and the difference between the static torque and the dynamic (kinetic) torque is small. Therefore, these bearings minimize power consumption and operating temperature and increase the overall efficiency of the rotary table.

Innovative bearings allow for world beating designs of Kitagawa rotary tables.

Cross-roller bearings allow our rotary tables to have large thru-holes, compact outside dimensions and high rigidity.

Big cross-roller bearings = Kitagawa rotary tables