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Rotary tables adjusting to the environment

Converting from the standard is nothing new for Kitagawa Europe to satisfy their customers.

This time we enabled the customer to automatically clamp a HSK63 standard tool holder within the bore of a TT182 rotary table to accelerate the manufacture of specialist tooling.

The TT182 was raised by 20mm to accommodate a HP-8176N hydraulic cylinder on the rear of the rotating spindle. With a hydraulic pressure of 1.2 MPa the Cylinder has a Pull Force of 6.1kN with a stroke of 10mm, providing ample force and stroke to operate the HSK63 coupling.

Due to an Air-Hydraulic booster the TT182 only requires Pneumatics for clamping. However hydraulics for the cylinder was connected via a built-in rotary joint to avoid any unnecessary pipework.

For TT182 specifications please click here.