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RKT180 5th Axis Rotary Table


RKT180 - 5th Axis ROtary Table

RKT180 - 5th Axis Rotary Table

Built for Punishment

The latest 180mm diameter faceplate tilting rotary table from Kitagawa, designed for minimal maintenance to keep you going for longer. With the same high accuracy and rigidity you are used to from Kitagawa, this table is perfect for high-volume part production.

No requirement to adjust the backlash - ever!

In the unfortunate event of a crash with this unit there is no costly long term damage. During a collision the roller cam mechanism allows slippage, avoiding damage to crucial internal parts. This means you can quickly get up and running again once the superficial damage has been repaired.

Specify the faceplate to your requirements


Concentrated piping for rotary joints to eliminate interference

Previous rotary joint systems meant piping had to be accessed via blocks on the side of the tilting axis.

The RKT180 has centralised piping to eliminate the side block and to situate the rotary joint connections in a convenient position for less interference.


Centralised Piping

Additional Design Advantages

Maximum Workpiece Size and Weight