Kitagawa's first fully water and rustproof rotary table. | Kitagawa

Kitagawa's first fully water and rustproof rotary table.

The DM100, Kitagawa's first fully water and rustproof rotary table.


   Illustrating just how innovative the Kitagawa brand is and designed specifically to meet the requirements of EDM machine applications - the compact and low-cost DM100 is equipped with a 100 mm diameter stainless steel table, ready drilled and tapped to accept a chuck or component fixture. The unit measures just 120x305x150 mm and is suitable for high precision machining of components weighing up to 20 kg. In addition, it features a 40 mm diameter through hole to accommodate extended length workpieces.

In a new partnership with EROWA the workholding options have been expanded to accept  EROWA ITS and PalletSet workpiece holders that are suitable for WIRE-EDM operations. Like the DM100 the EROWA components are stainless steel and suitable for underwater operation. The DM100 prepared for the EROWA ITS chuck and components can be purchased either at KITAGAWA website or at the EROWA website.

The DM100 can be operated either by Kitagawa's mac mini controller or via a direct 4th axis EDM machine interface; providing a maximum rotational speed of 3 rev/min and indexing repeatability of within 5  arc seconds. The equipment's rugged construction includes special purpose seals and extensive use of stainless steel components to ensure minimal servicing requirements over an extended service life.

It is also backed by Kitagawa's 60 years of chuck and workholding experience and is available from the company's UK headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Click here to see the table in action.