Kitagawa Release Chuck Grease Pro Offering 50% Extra Grip | Kitagawa

Kitagawa Release Chuck Grease Pro Offering 50% Extra Grip

Manufacturers are continuing to seek a high quality chuck grease to enhance both accuracy and the lifetime of their chucks. Good chuck grease has the ability to not only prolong the life of your machine tools, but also reduce malfunctioning during low hydraulic pressure operation, which continues to prove to be problematic during the manufacturing process.

Chuck Grease Pro

Daily greasing is essential to get the most out of your chuck. In line with the increasing demand for smooth reliable grease, Kitagawa have launched their Chuck Grease Pro. Not only does it improve griping force by up to 50%, its clarity reduced contamination for a much cleaner, safer service life.

Figure 1: Kitagawa’s Chuck Grease Pro enhances gripping force whilst offering 3 times the service life in comparison to standard chuck grease.


Various packages are available to accommodate your requirements, each including a grease c

artridge, grease gun and nozzle. Choose between the standard 400g package, or opt for larger options such as the 1kg or 18kg can for heavier usage.

Enhance the lifetime of your Kitagawa chuck whilst increasing accuracy for optimum results with the help of Kitagawa Chuck Grease Pro today. For more information, click here.