Kitagawa Goes Big! | Kitagawa

Kitagawa Goes Big!

Kitagawa has launched the new NV power chuck for vertical machining centres.

With chuck sizes ranging from 15” (381mm) all the way through to a massive 40” (1000mm) the new NV series from Kitagawa is the biggest chuck we have ever produced!

The new NV series of closed centre chucks have been specifically designed for vertical lathes. The chucks feature additional sealing around the base jaw to limit the ingress of swarf.

The wide range of chuck sizes which goes all the way to 40” (some 16 inches larger than our older large sized chucks) meaning that they are able to suit a variety of machines and applications. Meanwhile, the chuck body has a low height, maximizing lathe turning capacity and increasing the efficiency of the chuck.

NV series chucks use popular metric top jaws – the NV15 and 18 use SB15N1 and NV21-40 uses SB18A2 illustrating the compatibility of the chuck.

View the full range of NV chucks here.