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Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel - Unboxing Swift Klamp


A continuation of the Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel. In this episode, Hamish and Sophia unbox Swift Klamp. The fantastic work-holding product to suit your 3 and 5 axis machines. It’s also suitable for rotary table applications!




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The system consists of three parts - the clamping head, the work-holder and the work-piece. Swift Klamp utalizes the HSK-A type interface, so set up is quick and easy!


Available in three different sizes:




Clamping heads can be manually actuated or Automated.

The compact size of the clamping head and work holders allows for multiple systems to be placed within your machining centre. This allows for different machine operations or different work-pieces to be processed at the same time. The compact design of the work holders also gives incredible tooling access to the workpiece.



With five different work-holders to choose from, you will definitely find the correct one for your application. Work holders include: dovetail mount, dovetail vise, flange clamp and side clamps.