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Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel

The New Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel. The modern world is changing fast and so is technology. Trying to keep up with the latest technology is a time-consuming enterprise! With this in mind, Kitagawa Europe have decided to release a series of short videos highlighting some of our latest products and applications to keep you ahead of the game!  

We will dive into the technical details of new Kitagawa products, specialist applications, give product demonstrations and answer just about every question you may have on a specific product.

You can find these videos on the Kitagawa website, YouTube and LinkedIn. Links below:

Kitagawa Europe Focus Channel


You Tube

We will also be joined by a local sub-contractor of ours – asking the “real world questions”


In the first episode, we concentrate on the New BR series - The Next Generation Power chuck. The BR series will eventually replace the B200 and B200 series chucks and is completely interchangeable with them. Available in 6,8,10 and 12 inch versions.

Offering a 10-micron repeatability when using Kitagawa formed soft jaws, this chuck is here revolutionize the market. A standard product with a standard price tag offering unbeatable performance. Other features also include improved gripping force at max speed and reduced jaw lift.

We also look into the optional extra TNUT PLUS. The TNUT that allows you to re-install formed soft jaws without having to reform again!

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