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Form the jaws of your chuck to increase accuracy

                                                    Jaw Boring Rings

Kitagawa Europe now supplies two different types of jaw forming rings to swift and efficient boring of your jaws to suit multiple work pieces.

KLT Series Jaw Boring RIng

The KTL series has a built-in scroll providing fine adjustment, accuracy and allowing rapid set-up. 
Each KTL size can cover three chuck sizes:
KTL100 = 5", 6", 8" 
KTL125 = 6", 8", 10" 
KTL160 = 8", 10", 12"
Also available for single action four jaw and two jaw chucks. 
Ideal for bar work involving multiple set-ups on the same set of jaws and when the jaws must be turned out completely.
The KJB Series of jaw boring rings offers a competitive option for 5" (135mm) up to 15" (381mm) standard chucks. 
Each KJB boring ring is matched per chuck size therefore a KJB08 is suitable for a 8" (210mm) chuck only.