DL200 series | Kitagawa


Workholding and machining equipment specialist Kitagawa Europe Ltd is proud to present the three jaw draw down power chuck – DL series
The DL series provides a jaw stroke up to 9mm with a maximum grip force of 110kN allowing it to be used at speeds of up to 6000 rev/min and is suitable for components measuring up to 304mm diameter.

This is a revolutionary chuck with the World’s first dual action gripping system which also offers excellent versatility for clamping unusually shaped components. The jaws clamp in a radial direction along with a draw down action but the jaws do not protrude in the Z axis during the clamping stroke unlike conventional draw down style chucks. Due to the design which incorporates dustproof measures and an enclosed structure keeping the lubrication inside the chuck, the DL series chuck is ideal for volume production machining and offers high durability for high volume production lines.

One of the advantages of the jaws not protruding in the Z axis is lack of interference which allow easy automated loading. The top jaws used are standard Kitagawa serrated jaws which can be interchanged with standard Kitagawa chucks and can be easily formatted. The chuck also can be fitted with a work seating detection function that will detect any failure or mis-loading of the part.
The chuck has a plain recess mount to be able to adapt to all types of spindles.