Box Jaws to Accomodate Large Work Pieces | Kitagawa

Box Jaws to accomodate large work pieces


Above you can see an example of four Box Jaws and a chain fixturing system being used to hold a sphere for a large valve component. The work piece undergoes a  robotic welding process that requires the heavy work piece to be held securely in place whilst the work piece is rotated and tilted through 180°.


Workholding and gripping requiring specialist design work is one of the core strengths of the Kitagawa team. This shows one of the many applications where Box Jaws can be utilised but this is only using the largest standard box jaws with a length of 330mm and width of 275mm but Box Jaws have been supplied to customers up to 800mm long and 400mm wide (shown below) proving that there is no job too big!


To download the complete specifications document then click here.

The Box Jaws are available with Two piece jaws in three standard different sizes however non standard types can be provided as well. All internal and external components and the top jaws are made from HRC60-62 Hardened steel for durability.

Each Box Jaw can provide a strong clamping force of up to 11kN and is guaranteed for up to ten years.

These box jaws are suitable for gripping large forged, regular and/or irregular work pieces on Vertical Machining Centres and other applications. The box jaws attach onto your face plate in whichever format you desire via bolting directly to the face plate or using T-Nut slots.