Kitagawa N-06A05 Closed Centre Power Chuck | Kitagawa

Kitagawa N-06A05 Closed Centre Power Chuck

Product code: N-06A05

165mm three jaw standard power chuck with closed centre.

  • N Series Power Chuck Fitted with Chuck Adaptor
  • A2-5 Spindle Nose
  • Grip Range (mm):  165 max, 19 min
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 8.5
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 52.5

The Kitagawa N Series. The standard closed centre chuck.

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Highly durable standard closed centre chuck.

  • Kitagawa's N-A series power chucks come fitted with a chuck adaptor and can be used with both hard and soft jaws.
  • A2-5 Spindle Nose
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 8.5
  • Plunger Stroke (mm): 20
  • Gripping range (mm): 165 max, 19 min
  • Max. Draw Bar Pull Force: 18kN
  • Max. Gripping Force: 52.5kN
  • Max Speed: 5270rpm
  • Weight (with soft jaws) 13kg
  • Moment of inertia: 0.045 kg.m2
  • Matching cylinder;
  • [Pressure]: Y1020R, [Air]: AY1720R
  • Max pressure: 2.6 
  • Matching soft top jaw: SB06B1