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Kitagawa B-206A5 Open Centre Power Chuck
B-206A5 Customised

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Kitagawa B-206A5 Open Centre Power Chuck

Product code: B-206A5

169 mm three jaw power chuck (fitted with chuck adaptor) with 45mm through hole and max speed of 6000rpm.

  • A2-5 Spindle Nose
  • Grip Range (mm): 169 max, 16 min
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 5.5
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 57
  • Lubrication nipple on each master jaw
  • Master Jaw Serration: 1.5mm x 60°

Kitagawa's B-200A series power chucks come fitted with a chuck adaptor and can be used with both hard and soft jaws.

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Chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel. Three jaw wedge style power chucks deliver up to 20% more speed, gripping force and bore size when compared to conventional chucks.

  • A2-5 Spindle Nose
  • Through-hole (mm): 45
  • Gripping range (mm): 169 max, 16 min
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 5.5
  • Plunger Stroke (mm): 12
  • Max. Draw Bar Pull Force: 22kN, 2243 kgf
  • Max. Gripping Force: 57 kN, 5812 kgf
  • Max Speed: 6000rpm
  • Weight (with soft jaws) 13.7kg
  • Moment of inertia: 0.063 kg.m2
  • Matching cylinder S1246
  • Max pressure: 2.80 MPa, 28.6 cm2
  • Matching hard top jaw: HB06B1
  • Matching soft top jaw: SB06L1A


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Mounting: Recess mount, fitted with chuck adaptor.

Standard Equipment: Chuck comes fitted with chuck adaptor and includes mounting bolts, T-nuts and jaw mounting bolts.