KPC Series Fine Precision Air Chucks

KPC Series Fine Precision Air Chucks

KPC Series

Novel structure Fine Chuck with 1-micron of ULTRA-HIGH ACCURACY.


Standard Accessories;

Aluminium jaw, steel jaw


Loading pin

Loading ring

Tightening handle

Oil (for chuck body)

Chuck mounting bolts

Special Accessories;

Air control unit. Model AU100

Manual change valve. Model VH201

Air hose. Outer dia. ø 6 / Inner dia. ø 4

Air hose joint. Male connector PT1/4 (or male elbow PT1/4)

Coolant hose. Outer dia. ø 8 / Inner dia. ø 6 



Work Jaw for air chuck.
We produce two kinds of jaw blanks. One is the standard type and the other is the pie shaped type which has been designed to eliminate work distortions. Kitagawa jaws can be installed and removed very easily and re-used for various types of processing. Each type of jaw can be used for installation both at the inner and outer diameter.










 Instructions for installation

General instructions