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Kitagawa BRT10 Large Thru-Hole High Accuracy Power Chuck

Product Code: BRT10

254 mm two jaw power chuck with 81mm through hole and max speed of 4500rpm.

High standard gripping accuracy of 0.01mm or less with formed jaws gripping a test bar.

Suitable for workpiece transfer with sub spindle.

Low centrifugal force at high speeds.

Interchangable with BT200 BBT200

Additional special Patented T-Nuts can be supplied to maintain 0.01mm or less repeatability even after changing jaws - significantly reducing set-up time.

  • Grip Range (mm): 254 max, 38 min
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 8.8
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 82
  • Master Jaw Serration: 1.5mm x 60°

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Chucks are manufactured from high grade alloy steel. 2-jaw High Precision, Ultra-large Through-hole, High-speed Power Chuck

  • Through-hole (mm): 81
  • Gripping range (mm): 254 max, 38 min
  • Jaw Stroke (diameter mm): 8.8
  • Plunger Stroke (mm): 19
  • Max. Draw Bar Pull Force: 32.7kN
  • Max. Gripping Force: 82 kN
  • Max Speed: 4500rpm
  • Weight: 34.9 kg
  • Moment of inertia: 0.32 kg.m2
  • Matching cylinder: SR1781C / SS1881K
  • Max pressure: 2.3 MPa / 2.2 MPa 
  • Matching soft top jaw: SJ10A1T

Click here for information on Kitagawa Chuck Grease Pro.

Mounting: Recess mount, requires additional adaptor.

Standard Equipment: Chuck includes mounting bolts, T-nuts and jaw mounting bolts. Also included blank drawnut and mounting wrench.

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