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Quinte Series - QTC200

Product Code: QTC200

  • QTC200 - 4th & 5th Axis
  • Easy to input and manage programs
  • Reduced indexing time
  • Conforms to CE and KC standard

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Colour LCD enables to show various information

  • As well as current position, the high resolution colour LCD can show the running program, motor information and more.

Easy to input and manage programs

  • In the editing program, the interactive display screen prevents easy mistakes.
  • Input/output programs and perameters can be managed by MMC (multimedia card) that is on the market. 

Reduced indexing time

  • Adopting EtherCAT enables high speed communication and shortens the time of indexing.

Select motors in accordance to a use or environment

  • Various types of machining are available due to lots of variety motors to choose (See selectable motor list).

Conforming to CE and KC standard

  • As well as EMC Directive, all models conform to KC mark.

To use extension I/O enables a variety of usage. 

  • To use extension I/O option enables to select programs and to output WZRN position and M signal from machines.

Manual pulse generator is available

  • Manual pulse generator is available to all models as option. 

Quinte QTC200

  • Controlled axes: 2 axis
  • Servo Motor: AC servo motor with absolute encoder
  • Setting Unit: 0.001°
  • Controlled Unit: 0.0001°
  • Max. setting angle: 9999 rotation +360°±999.999° 
  • Equal partition: 0~9999 partition(divisible to sector)
  • Program capacity: Max.program No. 999, 9999 blocks/CH
  • Command method: Absolute / incremental methods(selectable G90/G91)
  • Zero position return: MZRN and WZRN(commandable by external input)
  • Manual feed: Rapid traverse, slow speed feed, step feed 
  • EM Stop: Emergency stop button or forced servo stop by the external interlock input+master stop / Two pairs of EM stop wires output signal available
  • Halt: Halt of rotary table by key input or external SP input 
  • Feedrate override: Settable to 1-200% (Can be notched to 1-100%) 
  • Preparatory function: Dwell, Lead Cutting, Buff er function, Clamp presence, Deviation check function, Interlock start, continuous start, MZRN, WZRN, Repeating function, Loop jump function, Absolute/Incremental, Fin signal control command
  • Sub-program function: Enable at M98 command 
  • Uni-directional approach: Even if rotary direction is changed, positioning from uni-direction is available
  • Software limit function: Software limit can be set from machine zero position to prevent interference with the machine by mounting jigs or workpiece.
  • Over travel stop function: The hard limit mode can control the rotary range of rotary table
  • Pitch error compensation: Max. 360 positions
  • Backlash compensation The backlash compensation of rotary table can be set.
  • Alarm function: In case of Error detected, alarm No. and alarm message are automatically displayed. 100 Alarms history log are displayed
  • Angle display: Machine coordinate, Work coordinate, Relative coordinate Remained shift, Overall coordinate
  • Input power: Single / 3 phases AC200-230V±10% 50/60Hz(Std. 3 phases)
  • Power requirement(A): 15
  • Dimensions(mm): 320(W)×190(H)×400(D) 
  • Weight(kg): 13.0
  •  Environment: Use temperature:0 ~ 45℃  Store temperature:-10℃ ~ 60℃  Use humidity:20~80% Rh or less(dew condensation, freezing not to be found) Vibration proof:0.5G or less  Shock resistant:1G or less Ambient atmosphere:to pollution level 3
  • Display: TFT color liquid crystal 480x272 dot 
  • External I/O signal: (Input) Start, Stop, External EMG Stop1, External EMG Stop2/(Output)Block completed, EMG Stop output signal1, EMG Stop output signal2, alarm output signal(B-contact)
  • RS422C I/F Option: Remote control function only
  • MMC Slot: Programs and parameters can be uploaded or downloaded by memory card
  • Suitable Motor: 200W, 15

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