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44060 Quick.Point 96, Riser

Product Code: 44060

Riser for Quick Point 96, Plates - Increase accessibility to workpieces on 5-axis machine tool

Dimensions(mm): 192 x 156 x 60

For Vice Width(mm): 125

Upper interface Clamping Stud Size(mm): 20

Lower Interface: 96 Grid

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Compatible for Quick Point plates 45400. Coated aluminium riser designed with cleanace for easy mounting and alignment to table, or use clamping studs to clamp on Quick Point plate.

Quick-Point Zero-Point Clamping System - Easy, precise and clamping forces of 6,000kg

  • Enormous reduction in set-up times
  • Easy mounting of clamping studs in workpieces, fixtures and other clamping systems
  • Extremly flexible because of individual alignment on the machine table
  • One of the lowest zero-point clamping systems on the market (height: 27mm)
  • High process reliability with a repeatability of 5µm and clamping force of 6,000kg
  • High repeatability < 0.005mm
  • 4 x M5 threads used as positioning support for vices
  • Robust mechanical clamping with one actuation screw (max torque 30Nm)
  • Rigid, compact base plate made of case-hardened quality steel
  • Height 27mm +/- 0.01mm
  • Cover discs for mounting bores
  • Quick-Point is perfect for clamping the Makro-Grip System
  • The modular concept of our Quick-Point System allows to change quick and easy from 96 to 52 grid
  • Quick-Lock the fast actuation system as optional accessory kit
  • Easy adaptation of different clamping vices, fixtures or workpieces by separate available clamping studs
  • Not only highly precise, but also providing high mechanical load capacity

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