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49200-125 Profilo 125

Product Code: 49200-125

Makro Grip Profile Clamping 5-Axis Vice 125 with a 310mm Base length 

Max. Clamping Range (mm): 305

Maximum allowed Torque (Nm): 100

Clamping Torque (N): 20,000

Centering Accuracy (mm): +/- 0.02

Grid System: 96

Clamping Stud Size (mm): Ø20

Weight (kg): 15.7

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  • Precise positioning of add-on jaws with feather keys
  • Using different types of profile jaws on one vice body
  • Large-volume block realises insertion of multiple profiles in only one jaw
  • Own add-on jaws can be manufactured (drawing will be provided)
  • Base jaws can be used on Makro Grip 5-Axis Vices
  • Hardened base jaws with feather keys
  • Centring accuracy +/- 0.02mm
  • Equipped with clamping studs for precise clamping in the Quick-Point zero-point clamping system
  • Rigid and sturdy base - but still lightweight and handy
  • Double guided jaws
  • Sufficient steel or aluminium add-on jaws

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