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Available with different adaptor: CRL80-A6

Kitagawa CRL80-A8 Long Series Collet Chuck

Product Code: CRL80-A8

Long Series Power Collet Chuck with 12 - 80mm gripping range and max speed of 4500 rpm.

  • Max Input Force (kN): 45
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 78
  • Weight (kg): 30
  • Suitable for D660 Varibore and D193E Spring collets.

Long Series Power Collet Chuck interchangeable with B-200 Series Power Chucks.

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Long series collet chuck available in a variety of mount types. 

  • Gripping Range (mm): 12 - 80
  • Collet Increment (mm): 3
  • Sleeve Stroke (mm): 12
  • Max Input Force (kN): 45
  • Max Gripping Force (kN): 78
  • Matching Cylinder: S2091

Suitable for D660 Varibore Collets and D193E Spring Collets.

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