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Smooth Rubber-Flex Collets


DRFC673 (D173E equivalent)

  • Gripping Range Available: 7mm - 45mm

DRFC677 (D185E equivalent)

  • Gripping Range Available: 19mm - 65mm

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With the same accuracy specification as standard spring collets, the Elastic rubber-metal vulcanization allows a clamping range of +/- 1mm to the nominal diameter. This reduces the need for numerous changeovers when clamping different diameters, saving your time.

Instead of purchasing four additional spring collets to cover the same diameter range you can save up to 50% in investment costs with one Rubber-Flex collet.


Rubber-Flex collets, type DRFC 673 (173E equivalent) and DRFC 677 (185E equivalent) are available in "Smooth" or "Full Grip" design.

"Smooth" collets are ideal for 2nd Operation work or sensitive workpieces with surfaces that should not be marked. "Full Grip" collets have wider steel segments provide a higher rigidity. These double-serrated collets have an increased clamping force and are especially designed to machine bar material with wide clamping tolerances and high torque.

Due to the unique design Rubber-Flex collets also increase the diameters that your collet chuck can clamp. For example, a QD-CRL42 collet chuck can clamp up to 45mm from the standard 42mm and for a QD-CRL60 collet chuck can clamp up to 65mm from the standard 60mm using Rubber-Flex.

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